Indigestion! Here are 16 Following Healthcare Tips.

indigestion and its cure
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indigestion is a sign of an underlying problem causing pain,fullness during or after a meal,acidic reflux,peptic ulcers,gastric problems,gallbladder disease,also called dyspepsia,it is defined as the pain and discomfort in upper abdomen but there are ways you can feel better and avoid getting it.

symptoms includes:-belching and gas,acidic taste in mouth,growling stomach,burning in the food pipe,nausia with or without vomit,irritation in stomach.

food not digesting properly can lead to many aggressive health issues if not get paid the proper attention on the right time.we tend to ignore indigestion without realizing it could cause serious health issues. To get cured of this disease and have a healthy life ahead we have listed some simple, life hacking and easy to do ways you can uptake for good health and great digestion;-

Warm water: drinking warm water early morning will be the first and foremost step towards good digestion. drink atleast 10 to 12 glass of water in a day cycle, consuming warm water daily will detox your digestive system and solve urinal issues can also add lemon or amla juice in it.

Chewing food properly: it is one of the main reasons why indigestion happens, not chewing your food properly will take more than average time to digest and disturbes the natural digestive cycle which leads you towards gastric problems,heartburning, lazyness,acid reflux and many more problems, so creating this good habit of chewing food properly will be a powerful step and it will boost your metabolism to a higher level.

Eat fiber rich food: foods loaded with fibre provides vital nutrients essential for your daily energy. add almonds,whole grain,split peas,avocado,ashgourd,guava papaya etc. to your food chain.

Say no to junk food: way to promote digestion is to stop consuming fatty food, these type of food cause harm to your digestion and slows it down. try to pair them with other healthy and tasty things.

Vitamin rich food: vitamin C is is essential for easy digestion, as it softens stool and makes it easy to pass.hence,increase your consumption of vitamin C enriched food. you can eat fruits like guavas,blackcurrant,strawberry,cherry,orange etc.

Eat good spices: ginger,coriander and blackpepper not only add taste to the food but these spices react freindly with your digestive system.

Eat your meal on time: this is another key to good digestion,try to eat your meal at the right and same time everyday,as we go through the same time meal process everyday, our digestive system forms an order and starts healing itself rapidly which results to healthy skin, good immunity power and much more that you will not believe .

Weight maintain: your weight greatly impact your health,consume more liquid like fruit juices etc. and reduce solid and deep fried food. workout daily to maintain body weight, it is important for you to maintain body weight because it is a part of the whole process and brings agility and lightness in your body.

Prefer sea food: if you are a non-vegetarian then instead of fatty meat go for lean meat because it has many more vitamins than solid meat, like vitamin B 12, vitamin D,good for your eyes and is fiber enriched.

Do  not stress yourself: stress or anxiety can cause constant digestive issues,this may put a negative impact on your digestive tract. doing 15 minutes of exercise daily helps reducing stress issues and makes a balance in your mind and body.

Meditation and breathing exercise: today the world is accepting that yoga and meditation is the key to touch higher dimension of happiness and well being and it is true,try to do atleast 15-20 minutes of “nadi-shuddhi” [breathing exercise] and will help you to attain great mental and physical health and will train your mind not to quit the process.

Boycott late night meals: ayurveda says late night meal is venom for good digestion,you can take salad or liquid diet,milk would be the best option.

Eat your breakfast before 10 am: take average amount of lunch ,add 50% salads, yogurt ,buttermilk,fruits to it.make sure to have juice or buttermik in your lunch meal.try to not eat heavy meal at night, your last meal should be very light.

Milk: take milk 1 hour before going to bed,it will direct feed your bones and help you have a healthy sleep.

Quality sleep:sleep plays a vital role in good health and well being throughout your life.taking quality sleeps at right time can reduce stress,inflammation,risk of depression and makes you more alert, helps lose weight and improves your memory.

so these are just the tip of the ice burst that we have represented,there are more things to achieve,please go back and implement these simple points.

Thankyou for reading this post, if you have any queries please feel free to use the comment section below, we will love to help you out.

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